Bow & Bay Windows

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Elevate Your Home with Bow and Bay Windows

Enhance your home’s charm and functionality with our exquisite bow and bay windows from Linton Window and Door. These elegant window designs not only add a stunning architectural feature to any room but also flood your living space with natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for cozy reading nooks or picturesque dining areas, our bow and bay windows offer unmatched versatility and style. Discover the beauty and benefits of these timeless windows and explore how they can elevate your home today.

Isolated Bow Window Energy Star

Bay and Bow Window Replacement

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Ideal Placement

Our expert sales team can advise on the best way to take advantage of these classic looks, including combining fixed windows with operational windows to help improve air circulation. You can take advantage of airflow to reduce energy consumption on breezy summer days while enjoying energy-efficient technology that maintains your ideal interior temperature throughout the year.

Precise Window Instaltion.

Precise Installation

Every Linton bow and bay window replacement begins with a precise, custom measurement to ensure your window fits perfectly. Because of the specifics of bow and bay window replacements, measurements are critical to ensure the proper fit of your window configuration. Each individual window must be measured properly to get the desired effect and then installed at the proper angle and position to create the curve or angle.

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Quality Window Manufacturing

We supply premium bay and bow windows from leading manufacturers chosen for their proven quality, style, and energy efficiency. Whether you choose North Star or GreenView windows, you can feel confident knowing your windows are custom-built using precision measurements taken by our professional installers and backed up by an industry-leading warranty.

Bay Window Installation

The classic bay window projects outward with a combination often consisting of a central picture window flanked by two smaller windows to create an angled alcove. The bay window creates plenty of character while adding a feeling of spaciousness to a room. Windows can be fixed, operational, or a combination.

Isolated Bay Window
Isolated Bow Window

Bow Window Installation

Almost any opening can become an instant greenhouse or relaxing nook with a striking bow window. Comprised of any combination of four to five individual windows, this semi-circular projection from a room is a perfect, cozy retreat to be enjoyed for many years.

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Linton Window & Door will provide all labour for manufacturer warrantied items – at no cost – for up to


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