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General Questions

Upgrading to high-efficiency windows and doors can significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills by improving your home’s insulation.

Yes, vinyl windows offer excellent durability and energy efficiency and are low maintenance, making them a popular choice among homeowners.

Look for products with the Energy Star® label, indicating they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines.

Signs include difficulty operating, visible damage, drafts, and increased energy bills.

Yes, upgrading to modern windows can significantly decrease the amount of external noise that enters your home.


Professional installation typically involves a pre-installation inspection, removal of old units, installation of new units, and a thorough clean-up.

It’s helpful to clear the area near the installation site and ensure access for the installation team.

The duration depends on the number of windows or doors being installed, but the process can usually be completed within a day.

Our professional installers aim to minimize mess, using drop cloths and cleaning up after the installation is complete.

Our installation team will remove and dispose of your old windows and doors for you.

About Our Windows

We provide a variety of window styles to suit any home, including casement, picture, double-hung, bay, bow and sliding windows. All windows are made to order specifically for your house. 

Our experts can help you select the best windows to match your home’s design and your functional needs.

Low-E glass has a coating that reflects heat while letting light in, improving energy efficiency and protecting against UV rays. This feature can help you save on energy bills without sacrificing your view. 

Yes, we offer customizable options for colours, finishes, and hardware to perfectly match your home. We also offer custom-shaped windows.

Our windows come with a limited lifetime warranty, covering both the product and installation for your peace of mind.


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