What Can Our Cambridge, Ontario Window and Door Company Do For You?

Many service-based businesses will tell you that there’s nothing quite like a job well done, and we’d have to agree. Here at Linton Window & Door, we’ve served Cambridge and the surrounding Toronto area with high-quality window and door installation services since 1974, and we’re incredibly proud to be an integral part of the community for decades. 

Our family-owned business doesn’t just bring over 40 years of experience to the community, but we also offer a wide variety of window and door services to help beautify and add value to your Cambridge home. In today’s blog post, we’d like to take a brief moment and go over some of the many ways we serve local homeowners in improving their house. 

How Can Linton Window & Door Help You And Your Home? 

Superior Window Selection and Installation

If you can think of a window type, then we probably have it! While our door selection is great, our window selection is where our business truly shines (by letting that radiant sunlight into your home, of course!). Whether you’re designing a home from scratch or simply improving your old and existing windows, we’re confident that our Cambridge window experts have a fitting solution for you and your needs. 

Linton Window & Door offers the following type of windows: 

  • Awning windows – one of the most practical, attractive, and straightforward options we have. 
  • Bay windows – big windows that allow tons of sunlight into your living room or dining area. 
  • Bow windows – an open, arching window made of a combination of smaller windows. 
  • Casement windows – classic and contemporary styling. 
  • Custom windows – whatever you want, we can help make it happen. 
  • Double-hung windows – stackable windows for more sunlight and airflow. 
  • Picture windows – an energy-efficient solution providing an unobstructed view. 
  • Single slider windows – a classic, easy-to-use window option. 
  • Single-hung windows: tilt-style windows offering security, low maintenance and energy-efficiency. 
  • Slider tilt windows – double-tilt windows offering superior airflow. 

Tru Tech Doors

We’re partnered with some of the best names in the residential door industry including Tru Tech Doors. Tru Tech is a trusted door brand offering durable, weather-resistant, secure and energy-efficient doors that keep the indoor air in and the outdoor air out — just as it should be! 

Fiberglass doors let natural light seep in through the door while maintaining privacy and security, while garden doors provide a great combination of style, indoor light, and indoor air retention. And for uncompromised security with surprising elegance, it’s hard to beat steel entry doors

Guidance From Our Highly Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff

Many of our customers don’t know what windows and doors are best for their needs, and that’s why Linton Window & Door only employs the best window and door experts. We’re passionate about connecting you with the best-fitting solutions for your home, so don’t hesitate to stop by just to ask our friendly staff any questions! 

Let Our Cambridge, ON Window Specialists Improve Your Home!

Whether you’re keeping the harsh elements outside, upgrading your home’s security, or adding more beauty to a room, Linton Window & Door can help. Don’t wait until your existing windows and doors magically upgrade themselves — take charge of your home’s windows and doors and settle with something that you’ll truly love. Contact us online or stop by our storefront today!